Tattoo Artist, Andrew Edlin

Known throughout the Spokane area for clean, custom tattoos and tattoo coverups. Specializing in Japanese and American traditional tattooing.

Edlin began drawing as a kid growing up in Paso Robles, California. He took a tattoo apprenticeship from Matt Quale in 2011 and it wasn’t long before Edlin was recognized for his skills. He has worked at Boar’s Head Tattoo in Spokane, Washington and No Surrender Tattoo in Airway Heights, Washington. Opening Monroe Street Tattoo in 2018. 

Early on, Edlin realized that bright color and dynamic designs were his niche. A quick look at his portfolio will show you as much, and while he will admit to doing other styles, this is his favorite.

A workaholic, Andrew is always expanding his knowledge base, drawing and painting. Traveling, studying and growing in order to improve his art and better serve his clientele.

“Shout out to everyone doing things to make themselves happy and be better people. Remember to be there for the people who need you but you can’t change or fix everything and that’s ok.”

Andrew Edlin lives in Spokane, Washington with his busy family. They enjoy hiking along the Spokane river during summer months and eating snow in the winter.

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